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Engineering Dissertations

Engineering, in itself, is as wide a subject as social science or pure science. There are many branches of engineering, such as civil, information technology, electronics and telecommunication, aeronautical, aerospace, aviation, metallurgical, mechanical, chemical, biotechnology, electrical, neural networks and robotics, production and oil technology, amongst others.

Some of the areas where we have recently consulted engineering students:

  • Machine Design – Mechanical Engineering
  • Image processing
  • Network security
  • Thermal Efficiency
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Project management in high rise building construction
  • Cloud computing and security issues
  • Design and optimisation of smart Micro Grid


We have an exhaustive list of topics that can be taken up for research by engineering graduates. When you opt for consultation for your dissertation, project managers at ELK consulting will assign a mentor who knows the subject inside out and will guide you from the time of topic selection to defence of dissertation. To avail expert guidance, call our team at +44 (161) 408 6111