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Management Dissertations

UK MBA or MSc degree in management or related stream require to complete research based dissertation. Dissertations are not just project reports or essays and hence need to be handled carefully right from the proposal stage. Developing correct research design to specifying appropriate research objectives go a long way in ensuring that the dissertation meets the University's prescribed standards. 

Most dissertations also require advanced knowledge of statistics to be completed. At ELK Consulting, we offer consulting for MBA and MSc Dissertations at every stage of research. Right from selection of a topic to consulting for proposal, editing and statistical help, our range of services are comprehensive. We cover areas like Marketing, Accounts, Human Resources, Operations Management, Supply chain and logistics, Brand management, Knowledge management, Consumer Behaviour and many other related to these areas. We also offer data collection services in the United Kingdom. 

We have consulted Master's candidates from University of Manchester, Nottingham, Wales amongst other 120 Universities in UK and Ireland.

Write to us at and we will assign a mentor for your research who will work along with you, mentor and guide you to ensure that your dissertation is completed as the specifications and within the deadline.